ALMAS provides bathroom products that not only fulfill a functional need, but also give you the inspiration to transform your environment into something that is uniquely you. Use the rich ALMAS color pallete to create a unified harmonious mood, or dare to explore a more whimsical motif. Mix and match materials to blend or contrast with walls, floors windows and other elements in the room. Consider metal finishes to achieve the look and feel you are trying to create. Select the elements that will best it your space and accommodate the flow, as well as allow you to optimize organization and functionality. And all ALMAS bathroom products give you the opportunity to customize and accessories. Match our idea with yours and the result is drawing perfection: your bathroom, your way.

Rethink the rules of traditional bath design. Instead of an alcove-style bath that quietly disappears into the framework of the bathroom, select a freestanding model with character to anchor the room and bestow plenty of style, like the scale freestanding bath shown here. Modern design doesn't have to be cold and hard-edged. Rather, with the right fixtures, it can feel warm and wel-coming. Here thanks to the sleek, curved lines of the scale lavatory, bath and toilet, this contemporary environment beckons you to sit back and soak in style.


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